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Why should I store my memories with WOW?

WOW is a not just a video storage company, we are interested in preserving memories and making it accessible to future generations. Where else would you store your memories? If you keep them in your head, with age they slowly disappear. If you tell them to family members to pass on, what guarantee is there that the stories are told with accuracy? Who will hear your voice and see you telling those stories? Typical cloud storage would be great for storing photos and documents, but who will tell the stories about what is in those precious mementos? Who will have the passwords? Who will make sure that your memories live on? Our plan is not just for today, we plan to establish a Worldwide Wisdom Heritage Foundation that will ensure that your memories live on and are part of each countries cultural archives.

What am I paying for?

Depending on your package, you will be paying a monthly amount for managed video storage where you can store a certain amount of videos. Our managed plans include a secure robust network that is designed to handle video.

Why should the videos be 60 seconds or less?

Each video should be 60 seconds long, because research suggests that people loose interest in your message after 1 minute. Longer videos also affect upload and download times, particularly to those who use their phones to watch upload and view videos. We wanted to make our systems accessible to all people, of all economic background and especially seniors.

Why should my videos be Public?

When you store your videos with WOW, you have the option of making your videos Public or Private. We encourage you to make some public videos so that your future generations would be able to have access to your wisdom. Passwords get misplaced and systems change over the years, so to ensure that your memories are not forgotten we recommend making your videos public. We do not have a like/comment facility on our videos so you can share your videos on social media if you want. If you are a private person and do not want to share your videos until after passing we recommend using our our End of Life Planning service to ensure that your user credentials are passed on to your loved ones.

What about privacy?

We value your privacy. That’s why you decide which memories you want private or public. Public videos will accessible to everyone, just like public archives. Private videos will remain private until you give someone your user credentials or designate someone to inherit them.

Can I use WOW to store other videos?

Yes, each person has their own video needs. Contact us today and tell us what you are thinking and we will design a private video solution for you.

What happens to my videos after I die?

When you pass on, if you have designated a person to receive your user credentials we will pass those along to them, if you do not designate someone, a next of kin, may contact us and receive your videos on a memory stick or chose to keep the videos stored in WOW’s Video Vault. If no one contacts us we will keep your memories alive though our Heritage Foundation.

What happens to my videos if I cancel?

As each cancellation request will be for different reasons, we have a few options. If you chose to cancel your account and would no longer like to use our video vault, your account will be accessible for 10 days for your to download your videos. If you are unable to pay for your account, we may be able to help you through our Heritage Foundation. Please contact us and we will work with your to resolve any issues you may have. We are a new company and our policies are continuously evolving so we would love to hear from you.

How long will my videos be held after death?

Your memories are meant to live on. We intend to keep your memories as long as Internet systems are in place to do so.

Can I share my videos to other social media sites?

Yes, click the ‘Share’ icon and select your platform.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

What do I do if I see a video with inappropriate content?

If you feel a video has inappropriate content, please give some thought before you report it because you find it offensive. These are people's memories that they have decided to share with the world. As a result, keep in mind, each of our capacity for recalling events is unique. If you still feel that the video of someone's memory is offensive, please contact us at and we will review the video in question and take appropriate action.

Do I need to pay to have my videos stored after death?

Again, every situation is unique, we do not want to store memories for only people who can afford to pay. We want to store memories for everyone. We have end of life services for people who might be lucky enough to have estates that can handle these payments, some might not. We intend to work our hardest to make sure everyone’s memories are stored for as long as possible through our WOW Heritage Fund.

Will friends and family members be able to see these videos without paying?

Yes, your videos are available to the public and there is no charge to view them. You will need to provide them with the website address, which is simply and they can search for you by name and date of birth.

Who can I talk to if I need help?

Email for assistance or use our contact form.