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We believe in preserving Memories.

For the first time in history we are all ready as a civilization to preserve our memories and stories through video.  WOW is a platform to store your your family's history and your own stories of adventure, love and whatever brings your heart joy.  These videos will be available for future generations to see and hear their ancestors talking  seeing the emotion in their faces and voices.  Share your stories today.  Click upload now.

Our videos are public videos.

Life is not a competition about likes and comments.  Tell us your story without being judged by others.  Our videos are public intellectual, ancestral and historical information that will be viewed by generations to come.  Imagine how wonderful it would be to see a video of your grandparents laughing, dancing or just sitting telling your their stories.  Give your relatives a gift that will last a lifetime.  Upload your story now.

Our other sites

Our aim is to create a cultural video archive for every region filled with vital information from their citizens.  For years stories have died when our loved ones have passed on, we need to preserve your memories today by storing them in WOW's  Free Video Memory Vault.  Our other sites include,,,,,,, and